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Breath is the Kiss of Power,
The Gift of Grace
The love-seat swing where the Finite and Infinite embrace
It is Water from the Well of Life

Transformational Breath® is a loving, powerful and selfhealing breathing technique. It teaches you to use your full breathing system and to create an open and connected breathing.
In TB you integrate and transform repressed and surpressed thoughts and emotions and negative convictions.
It takes you to who you really are, so that you can always experience your true self.

TB works on all layers of your consciousness.

TB opens the breath and exposes restricted breathing patterns. It teaches you to breathe fully, easily and effectively, so that you experience more energy, health, balance and relaxation.
Approximately 75% of your energy you get from oxygen. Oxygen clears toxins, bacteria and viruses from the body. It detoxifies 70% of the toxins in your body.
TB increases the oxygen percentage in your blood and in your cells. It massages and strengthens your internal organs, your respiratory system and your bellymuscles.
TB can lower hypertension, decreases headaches and backpain and it has a positive influence on your total health.

Emotional / mental
TB dissolves stress, repressed and surpressed emotions, negative thoughts and beliefs and trauma from the past. These are all stored in our subconscious and cell memory.
It brings acceptation, integration and transformation of restrictions such as anger, fear, guilt and grief into qualities such as courage, innocence, joy and love. Through TB you will be more relaxed, happy and powerful in life.

TB brings you a deep connection with who you really are; Spirit, Higher Self, God, Essence….
This connection creates more relaxation, rest, harmony, selfconfidence and selfesteem. This gives insights and leads to the fulfilment of your goal in life.
In working with the breath you activate your consciousness to find yourself and it helps you to transform your breathingpatterns.TB teaches you to recognize your potential, to realize it and to make it possible for you to fully live your goals and wishes.

The options

Individual sessions
Intake 3 hours € 150, –
Private session 2 hours € 100, –
XL-session 3 hours € 150, –
Short route 6 sessions
± 2 hours
€ 550, –
Long route 10 sessions
± 2 hours
€ 900, –
Shared sessions .
2 persons 3 hours € 80, – p.p
3 persons 3 hours € 60, – p.p.


The Breathing Circle 2017 in Creil.

Data: Last Tuesday of the month September, October, November

What: Workshop for new and advanced breathers.
Price: € 45,-
Time: 19.00-22.00 uur
Where:  Noordermeerweg 13. Creil

Transformational Breath® Seminar in Creil 2017.


Level I & II:    November 24-26

Level II & III: December 1-3

Info: Please contact Claudia Krumme, the organisor


Yoga/Adem/familieopstellingen op Zaterdag in 2018

Zaterdag 10 februari,  14 maart en  9 juni.

Yoga, meditatie, ontspanning en een opstelling in de ochtend, lunch en een opstelling, intentie en ademsessie in de middag. € 99,- ex BTW per dag.


 TB® Facilitator en trainer weekend  17-18 maart 2018 Creil.

Je bent welkom vanaf vrijdagavond 16 maart ± 21.00 om alvast een beetje thuis te komen in het paradijs. Programma: zaterdag 10.00 tot zondagmiddag 16.00 uur.  Begeleiding Gjalt en Wilna                                       Prijs: € 250,-, inclusief 2 overnachtingen en heerlijk eten van Wim en Jente.

Een weekend om je facilitatorskills en eigen oefening te verdiepen en opnieuw te bevragen. Onderwerpen waar we mee aan de slag gaan zijn: Filosofie en dynamiek van de adem, adem observatie, verdieping in de eigen beoefening, verschillende neus/mond ademtechnieken, bewustzijn van het nu. De verschillende onderwerpen zullen zowel theoretisch als praktisch behandeld worden in coaching, groepsgesprekken/delen en natuurlijk begeleide sessies en zelfsessies.

Info via contact.


Transformational Breath®

Professional facilitator Program 2018.

Level IV A: March 31- April 6    fully booked

Level IV B: May 19-25             fully booked

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For appointments contact Wilna Narayana.
For workshop dates see agenda.

TB is developed by Judith Kravitz.